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"Culture of Accountability," My Ass

Dwight Smith at today's practice.  After practice, he went to a convenience store and spent $500 on Twinkies and Cool Ranch Doritos.
Kevin Seifert's latest from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
S Dwight Smith does not appear in danger of any immediate discipline after being cited Thursday night for possession of marijuana and obstructing traffic. Coach Brad Childress said today that he plans to take no action until he "gets all the facts" and that he doesn't anticipate that happening by Monday night's game against Chicago.

"I'm just going with the fact that this is under investigation," Childress said. "I'm going to get all the facts before I pass judgement on him."

Asked if that can happen between now and Monday night, Childress said: "It's the weekend, so I'll have to go up and see what the phone list looks like. But I'd anticipate him playing, yes."

Yeah, nice "culture of accountability" you've got there, coach. On the bright side, when we take on the Bears in about 48 hours, we will be ARMED. . .WITH. . .MIGHTY JOINT!!

(Honestly, did you think I was actually going to pass up such an easy and obvious Mel Brooks reference?)

Please, Mr. Wilf, don't try to sell us on this crap again.  You've proven here that you're no different than any other team in the National Football League when it comes to player conduct, standards, and discipline.