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Gonzo Reviews Stuff: Reebok Zero Degrees "Conflict" Jacket

The Reebok Zero Degrees "Conflict" Jacket.  Lightweight, cleans up easily, and looks great.  What more can you ask for?
As any of you that have read the blog for any length of time know, I was born and raised in the Great White North (North Dakota, to be precise), but Uncle Sam has decided that the United States Air Force currently needs me in the far southern reaches of the country.  Now, down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, they're not necessarily accustomed to cold weather. . .people start putting sweaters on down here when the mercury dips all the way into the 60s.

("Mercury dips?"  Man, I've morphed into Al Roker, and nobody bothered to tell me.  Thanks for the heads-up, folks!)

But recently, we did get a couple of fairly cold days down here, with temperatures at night getting below freezing and high temperatures in the mid 50s.  And, on those days, I was quite happy to go out and conduct business as normal, armed with the Zero Degrees "Conflict" Jacket, made by Reebok, the official outfitters of the National Football League.

The "Conflict" Jacket looks like a hoodie, but it certainly doesn't feel like one.  First off, it has a zip-up front, as opposed to the pullover type of setup that you normally see in a jacket like this.  Second, it's extremely lightweight, yet it still manages to keep me just as warm as your standard, heavier hooded sweatshirts.  It has nice, deep pockets, it's very soft on the inside, and I think it looks great.  (You can click on the picture to the right and get a larger picture of it. . .it helps to more easily discern the pattern on the jacket.)

Also, the jacket cleans up quite nicely when you get it dirty.  Remember my post from yesterday when I said my wife and I were going out to dinner with some friends?  Well, we went to the local Logan's Roadhouse (a place I'm sure a lot of our Southern readers are familiar with).  I took my "Conflict" Jacket off and hung it over the back of the chair after we were seated.  During our meal, one of the waitresses was walking near our table, and dropped a glass bottle of Tabasco on the floor near us.  The bottle hit the floor, shattered, and got all over my nice new jacket, much to my chagrin.  Naturally, I thought that I was out one hoodie, since it's usually impossible to get stuff like Tabasco out of anything.

But, upon getting it home last night, Mrs. Gonzo and I filled the washing machine with water, rubbed some clear Ivory dish soap on the problem areas, and let it soak overnight.  When my wife got up this morning, a lot of the stains had come out, but we still washed it a couple of times in cold water (per the instructions on the tag).  As I type this, it's hanging in our laundry closet drying out, and I can hardly tell that there was ever any Tabasco on it.  Had that happened to a lot of my other clothes, I would have been in big trouble. . .but not with my Zero Degrees "Conflict" Jacket.  Now it's basically as good as new!

So, if you know of a Viking fan. . .or a fan of any other team, to be honest (Reebok has them for every NFL team, what with being the official outfitters of the NFL and everything). . .that's having trouble keeping warm this winter, the Reebok Zero Degrees "Conflict" Jacket is the top of the line, in my opinion.  It's already my favorite Vikings' jacket/hoodie, and it will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.  You can find it at numerous shops online, or in a mall near you.