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Friday Night Link Dump

It's been a long day, ladies and gentlemen.  I'll look more in-depth into Sunday night's game at some point tomorrow, but for now, here are some Vikings-related links for you to peruse.

-Apparently the purple-on-purple color scheme that the Vikings went with on Monday night was Pat Williams' idea. . .and that it was a one-time only event.

Eh, I liked the all-purple look.  Maybe it will be a "one-time" thing in the same way that a Barbara Streisand retirement concert means that she's actually retiring.

-Also from Access Vikings, Sidney Rice, Antoine Winfield, and Dontarrious Thomas are all listed as "questionable" for Sunday night's game.  Crap.

-Mr. Cheer or Die has an interesting little yarn about his encounter with part-time punter/part-time steroid abuser/full-time drunken ass Todd Sauerbrun during his days with the Bears.

-The Ragnarok gives us their take about Redskins' fullback Mike Sellers whining about Tony Richardson being selected to the Pro Bowl ahead of him.  And he has a great point. . .why shouldn't a fullback that blocks for the 23rd ranked rush offense in the league be selected as a Pro Bowler over a guy that lead blocks for the best 1-2 RB tandem in the NFL?

-Vikes Geek takes a closer look at the Vikings' recent struggles running the football.

-Vikings Nation has a preview of Redskins/Vikings.

-According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Fred Smoot will have "more than revenge on his mind" when he comes to the Metrodome on Sunday.  Apparently, Fred Smoot has once again forgotten that he is, indeed, still Fred Smoot.

-KARE-11 tells us about Fred Davis.  Who the heck is Fred Davis?  Read the article to find out.

Lastly, I want to throw a non-Vikings link in here.  This one's about Atlanta Falcons' running back Warrick Dunn and his conversation with a man named Kevan Brumfield.  Kevan Brumfield is. . .well, you know what, just read the story.  Allow me to say here that Warrick Dunn is one of the few non-Vikings players that I can bring myself to cheer for on a regular basis, and this is an incredible story.

That's all for tonight, folks. . .have a good evening!