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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football Update

The finals battle began on Saturday night between the teams that garnered the top 2 seeds in the league. . .the #1 rated "hamburglars" and the #2 rated, and aptly named, "Packers Suck."  The hamburglars finished the regular season at 11-3, while Packers Suck was tied for second at 9-5, but had been given the second seed in the playoffs.

Here's how the matchup has shaken out to this point

Packers Suck
QB Tony Romo - 14.58 points
WR Reggie Wayne - 18.30
WR Anthony Gonzalez - 2.20
RB Willis McGahee - 1.00
TE Chris Cooley - 9.30
K Ryan Longwell - 3.00

Total thus far - 48.38

the hamburglars
QB Tom Brady - 17.70 points
WR Plaxico Burress - 0.60
WR Deion Branch - 2.40
RB Brandon Jacobs - 27.10
RB Frank Gore - 19.20
TE Jason Witten - 5.30
K Nick Folk - 9.00
D Minnesota - 1.00

Total - 82.30

Packers Suck still has players to play tonight. . .a Mr. LaDanian Tomlinson and the San Diego defense, to be precise.  In order to win, Packers Suck will need a combined 33.93 from those two entities.  Otherwise, the owner of the hamburglars will get his choice of either a Vikings' jersey, customized with the name and number of his choice, or an Adrian Peterson "Fathead."

Good luck to both parties as the final game of the fantasy football season kicks off this evening!