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And the Winner Is. . .It's a Photo Finish!!

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, the first ever Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Championship Game went right down to the wire. . .much to the delight of one of our teams, and much to the chagrin (I'm sure) of another.

The championship matchup was between the #1 seeded "the hamburglars" and the #2 seed, "Packers Suck."  Going into Monday's game between Denver and San Diego, Packers Suck was trailing by a tally of 82.30 to 48.38.  However, the latter had the formidable combination of LaDanian Tomlinson and the San Diego defense yet to play.

Tomlinson more than held up his end of the bargain, rushing for 107 yards and a touchdown against the porous Denver defense.  However, as the clock ticked down, Packers Suck still trailed the hamburglars by approximately 1.5 points.  Then, on the first play after the two-minute warning, Broncos' quarterback Jay Cutler dropped back and completed a long pass to Quentin Jammer.

Unfortunately for Cutler, Quentin Jammer plays for the San Diego Chargers.

Yes, folks, Cutler threw a last-minute interception, and that two points provided enough of a lift for Packers Suck to pull ahead of the hamburglars and win by a final margin of 82.78 to 82.30.

Congratulations to chadly10102 for winning the first ever DN Fantasy Football League.  He gets his choice of an Adrian Peterson "Fathead,", or a replica jersey from (his choice of either purple or white), customized with any name and number of his choosing.  So, to chadly10102, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS. . .and whenever you get a chance, let me know which prize you've chosen, and I'll get it out to you shortly after the first of the year.

Also, in addition to that, I have a small something for everyone that participated in the league this year.  Sometime in the next month or so. . .or whenever I have time to do them all. . .all 11 people (not counting myself) that participated in this year's Fantasy Football League will be receiving. . .

drum roll

A DVD copy of Adrian Peterson's record-setting rushing performance against the San Diego Chargers!  Yes, everyone that participated in the league this year will get to have this little piece of history available to them whenever they feel like watching it.

So, when the time comes, I'll have to collect mailing addresses from everyone in the league.

Thanks for a great first season, everybody, and I look forward to doing it again next year.