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How Good Is Adrian Peterson?

Well, watch this first, then consider the facts that will follow.

Okay, that was fun.  On a related note, I still don't think Kenoy Kennedy has any idea where Adrian Peterson went on that second TD run.

But anyway, here's just a few things that make me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.

-Adrian Peterson sat out two entire games. . .eight whole quarters of football.  When he got injured, he was leading the NFL in rushing yards.    After two weeks, he was STILL leading the NFL leader in rushing yards.

Oh, and after this week's game, he still leads the NFL in rushing.  By 100 yards. . .or, as we call it around these parts, "a typical half."

-Here's a list of running backs that have more carries this season than Adrian Peterson has had (going into tonight's Monday night game):

Willie Parker
Edgerrin James
LaDanian Tomlinson
Clinton Portis
Thomas Jones
Joseph Addai
Brian Westbrook
Willis McGahee
LenDale White
DeShaun Foster
Jamal Lewis
Cedric Benson
Marshawn Lynch
Warrick Dunn

See all those running backs?  None of them have more yards than Adrian Peterson.  And only one (Tomlinson) has more touchdowns.

-Peterson is averaging 6.5 yards/carry.  The next highest qualifying running back?  Brandon Jacobs of the Giants. . .at 5.2 yards/carry.

Man, did we strike it rich with this kid. . .and with our last two draft classes, to be honest.  Don't believe me?  Here's a list of guys from the last two drafts that played a prominent role in yesterday's victory:

Chad Greenway (Round 1, 2006, starting LB)
Cedric Griffin (Round 2, 2006, starting CB)
Ryan Cook (Round 2, 2006, starting RT)
Tarvaris Jackson (Round 2, 2006, starting QB)
Ray Edwards (Round 4, 2006, tied for team lead in sacks)
Adrian Peterson (Round 1, 2007, Duh)
Sidney Rice (Round 2, 2007, team leader in TD catches)
Marcus McCauley (Round 3, 2007, started at CB yesterday)
Brian Robison (Round 4, 2007, tied for team lead in sacks)
Aundrae Allison (Round 5, 2007, kick returner)

That's why this team is moving in the right direction, ladies and gentlemen.  And there's nowhere to go but up.