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Hey, Everybody, The Podcast Is Back!

As you may or may not have noticed, the SBNation Podcast on was discontinued a few weeks ago because of some difficulties with the folks at NowLive.  I know, we've all missed it dearly.

Well, starting tonight, we have been SAVED by the power of The People's Sports Radio Network.  Yes, starting tonight, Big Blue Shoe and The Sports Guru are going to be back and better than ever, hosting the SBNation Football Frenzy!  As the title suggest, this podcast is going to be all about the football, as opposed to the previous podcast, which kind of jumped all over the place.

Head on over to and sign yourself up for an account so you can join us, folks!  There's going to be a toll-free number for phone calls, and a live chat room to boot.  I'm sure I'll be in there this evening reminding The Sports Guru that, after he spent all season telling me how bad the Vikings are, the Minnesota Vikings are a better football team than the Denver Broncos.  No doubt in my mind he'll appreciate that.  (-:

See you tonight, ladies and gentlemen!