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Another "Award" That's Officially Meaningless

Hey, remember when Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman of the Year" Award actually. . .you know. . .meant something?

Well, they've given this year's award. . .and, based on this year's winner, the award is now totally meaningless.  I won't say who won it, largely because just typing the guy's name makes me sick to my stomach.  But, if you don't know who won, I'll give you a hint.  The winner was apparently selected by a panel of five experts that included columnist Peter King,
-Sports Illustrated football writer Peter King,
-Inside the NFL co-host Peter King,
-Peter King, contributor to NBC's Football Night in America, and
-Their esteemed colleague, Mr. Peter King

Seriously, why not Roger Federer?  He's only the most dominant individual athlete of this era, and quite possibly EVER.  He added 3 more majors this year (giving him 12 for his career), including winning his 5th straight Wimbledon (tied for most ever) and his 4th straight U.S. Open (setting a record for most ever).  Plus, he's a decent person, is cordial to the press, gives of his time, and all that other good stuff.

Oh, wait, never mind. . .Federer a) "only" plays tennis, and b) isn't American.  So he's out.

Why not the Iraqi National Soccer team?  All they did was win the Asian Cup while playing for a war-torn country without money for training, and came from a regime that regularly tortured athletes as a form of "training."  Far more inspirational that the schlub that they ended up giving the award to.

Oh, wait, never mind. . .they're not American, either.  Hence, they don't count.

Just more tumbling drywall in the slow, gradual disintegration of Sports Illustrated.

What a joke.  A complete, total, and utter joke.