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From Zero to Suck in a Matter of Weeks

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Hey, remember when I used to do updates on how my fantasy football teams were doing and stuff through the course of the season?  Well, with the playoffs approaching, here are a couple of updates.

In the SBNation NFC League, after my team got off to a 7-2 start, I managed a 2003 Vikings-esque nose dive, losing my last 4 to drop to 7-6 and finish out of the winner's bracket of the post-season.  The finale saw me lose to Windy City Gridiron by 2 points in a game where two guys in my lineup registered big fat zeros.  Stupid having to have your lineups set by Thursday.

In the official Daily Norseman league, my team has managed to drop to 5-8 and be on the outside looking in of the playoff picture, too.  Our playoffs start in Week 15, and two teams. . ."the hamburglars" and "Yo Adrian" have already wrapped up playoff spots.  The last two spots will be decided this weekend in a three-way dance between the appropriately named "Packers Suck (8-5)," "Outlanders (8-5)," and "FSUViking (7-6)."  None of those teams are matched up head-to-head, so it's relatively simple. . .if Packers Suck and Outlanders win or FSUViking loses, the two teams currently at 8-5 are in.  Should FSUViking win and one of the other two teams slips, we'll move on to tiebreakers.

I'm pretty sure that I never DID announce what everyone is playing for here.  So, let me do that now.

The winner of the 1st Annual Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League will win either. . .

-A replica Vikings jersey, customized with the name and number of their choice (winner can choose from either purple or white),


-A lovely Adrian Peterson "Fathead" for their wall.

Winner gets their choice.

In addition, everyone will get something for their participation.  I'll collect mailing addresses after the season is finished to take care of that one.

Good luck to everyone else the rest of the way in their fantasy seasons!