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Coaching Carousel Crashes

The San Diego Chargers have apparently decided that Norv Turner is going to be their team's next head coach.  In a related story, the San Diego Chargers have officially been eliminated from the 2007 NFL Playoffs.

I mean, seriously now, come on.  Norv Turner?  Norv "59-82-1" Turner?  Norv "One playoff victory in 9 seasons as a head coach" Turner?  Norv "One double-digit win season in 9 years as a head coach" Turner?  THAT Norv Turner?

You want to take that team. . .14-2 last year, best regular season record in the league, possibly the most talented team in the NFL, and you want to turn it over to a guy that's averaged 6.5 wins a year as an NFL head coach?

I'll tell you what. . .if I was LaDanian Tomlinson, I'd be looking to just run towards the closest living thing and kill it.  Norv Turner has got to be just about the WORST possible choice for an NFL head coaching hire at this point.  As I mentioned, he's averaged about 6-7 wins a year as an NFL head coach.  Renowned as an "offensive guru," the offenses his team has had under his guidance as a head coach have finished, on average, 16th in the NFL.  Average. . .or, if you figure in that there weren't always 32 teams for part of his head coaching tenure, below average.

Now, I realize that the Chargers weren't really in a position to hire some young, up-and-coming head coach. . .but Norv Turner?  I can think of three names off the top of my head that would have been better hires for a team in San Diego's situation.

Dick Vermiel, anyone?

How's about Dan Reeves?

Hell, Dennis Green would have been a better hire than Norv Turner.

So yeah. . .that game against the Chargers next season just got a little less scary.  And, for some more humor, let's include the rumor that Turner's defensive coordinator is going to be none other than. . .Ted Cottrell.  Boy howdy, I'll tell you what. . .if anyone can take that defense from the penthouse to the outhouse in the span of one season, it's ol' Teddy.

I feel bad for Chargers fans here. . .really, I do.

And in other coaching-related news, the Bears have apparently decided to not renew the contract of defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. For what I'm sure will be numerous musings about how Ron Rivera really wasn't all that good anyway, check out Windy City Gridiron.