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Should the Vikings Bring Back Randy Moss?

It's a question that's no doubt going to be asked this off-season. . .should the Vikings, desperate for an upgrade at WR, attempt to re-acquire former Viking great (and current Oakland flop) Randy Moss?  They could attempt to trade for him, or see if Oakland flat-out cuts him, but Moss will likely be available in some way, shape, or form.

Should the Vikings try to bring him back?  I can answer that question with three resounding words:

Good GOD no.

KC Joyner, the author of Scientific Football (a book I can't possibly pimp enough), has put together a little study about Moss, what with him being a target acquisition for Green Bay.  What does Mr. Joyner have to say about Moss?

Moss would seem like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, over the past three seasons he has gone from one of the best deep threats in the NFL to one of the worst.
It's not just Moss' overall production that is down. His specialty routes used to be the go and fade routes, in which Daunte Culpepper would throw the ball near Moss and let him outjump the defender.
These numbers are nearly identical to his overall numbers, so Moss isn't even producing on his trademark play.

You can spin any excuse you want if you're going to try to be a Moss apologist. . ."Oh, he wasn't happy in Oakland."  "Oh, his quarterbacks in Oakland were terrible."  "Oh, Oakland's offense was SO bad."

Hell, all we heard here for 7 years was how Randy Moss made every QB he played with great.

Well, by God, he didn't make Kerry Collins great.  He sure didn't make Aaron Brooks great.  He sure didn't make Andrew Walter or Marques Tuiasosopo great, either.

The thing is, none of those excuses explain Moss' propensity for quitting when things get tough.  Whether it's in Minnesota or in Oakland, Moss had a tendency to disappear when things weren't going his team's way.  You would think that the light would have come on for the guy at some point. . .alas, it has not.

I've always maintained that the Vikings got rid of Randy Moss at just the right time.  I haven't seen anything in the past two seasons to make me start thinking otherwise.

Let Green Bay have him. . .maybe he can run that team into the ground, too.