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A Public Service Announcement

First off, if you're here following a link from the epic Mock Draft Database to read DN's first (and incredibly awesome) mock draft, let me say "Hello!" to all of you.

Now, for you folks. . .and everyone else that happens by here.  Yes, I know you're out there. . .people from Purple Thoughts, people from, people from other Vikings' communities.  You may have noticed your inability to comment on stories that are posted on this here website.  There's a reason for that.

Back when DN first opened up, people had the ability to leave comments anonymously.  In theory, this is a good idea.  In practice, it doesn't work so well. . .as I can personally attest to, having deleted numerous comments advertising porn or erectile dysfunction medication.

Bad juju.

So, get involved, people!  Go to the upper right corner there, hit the "Create Account" link, and make yourself an account.

(Go ahead. . .I'll wait.)

Now, check your mailbox for the validation e-mail that should arrive in just a few seconds.  Click on the link, and start commenting!

And now that I've made you sit through all that. . .let me leave you with one of the finest scenes in motion picture history.

Have a good night, folks!