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Calvin Johnson is a Cyborg

Which is a polite way of saying, "Hey, you know that whole 'we still have a shot at Calvin Johnson' thing I posted the other day?  Well, let's just pretend that never happened."

The Georgia Tech All-American attended the combine, but wasn't expected to work out with the rest of the wide receivers this afternoon.  He got weighed and measured, coming in at 6'4" and 239 pounds.  After that, it was expected that he was just going to hang out, do some interviews, and watch the festivities.

But, I guess he decided that since he WAS dressed in workout clothes, he'd run a couple of 40-yard sprints for the kind people in attendance.

Dude clocked in at 4.35 in the 40.  That's four. . .point. . .three. . .five.  Oh, and he wasn't even wearing his own shoes.  He had to borrow a pair from one of the quarterbacks that was at the Combine.

A 4.35 40 for a guy that weighs a sandwich short of 240 pounds is re-friggin-diculous.  Right now, I wouldn't be totally surprised to see Oakland take Johnson #1 overall at this point.  Tell me that isn't something Crazy Al would try to pull off.

But yeah, I think we can pretty much forget entertaining any thoughts of Johnson being a Viking in a couple of months.  He might go #1, and there's certainly no way he gets past Tampa Bay at #4.

More on the combine as we continue along here, and the post-combine/pre-free agency mock should be up on about Thursday.