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Post-Combine, Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft

Okay. . .draft board first, and then we'll look at a few things that have come up since the last mock went up.

Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB, Louisiana State

Detroit - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin

Cleveland - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma

Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech

Arizona - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson

Washington - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan

Minnesota - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville

Houston - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame

Miami - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State

Atlanta - LaRon Landry, S, Louisiana State

San Francisco - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Southern Cal

Buffalo - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan

St. Louis - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas

Carolina - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida

Pittsburgh - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

Green Bay - Marshawn Lynch, RB, California

Jacksonville - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL)

Cincinnati - Darelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh

Tennessee - Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Ohio State

New York Giants - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State

Denver - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee

Dallas - Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi

Kansas City - Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina

New England (from Seattle) - Jon Beason, LB, Miami (FL)

New York Jets - Michael Bush, RB, Louisville

Philadelphia - Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia

New Orleans - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas

New England - Michael Griffin, S, Texas

Baltimore - Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State

San Diego - Dwayne Bowe, WR, Louisiana State

Chicago - Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

Indianapolis - Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue

Some picks have changed. . .some have not. Just the way things fall in this particular mock.

-As you read the other day, I've accepted reality. . .Calvin Johnson isn't coming the Minnesota. This sucks.

-After the combine, it appears that this is a "six-player" draft. Considering that the Vikings pick at #7, this is bad. If one of the Top 6 guys were to fall to Minnesota, I think they'd have to take him. If they don't, the BEST option (obviously) would be to trade down with someone that wants to move up for Brady Quinn and amass some more picks.

Should this not happen, however, my pick for the Vikings at #7 is Amobi Okoye. Why?

Okoye is 19 years old. He played as a freshman at Louisville when he was 16. That means he might need a little extra time to get into the groove of the National Football League. Who better for such a young, impressionable player to learn from than the best all-around defensive tackle in the NFL and the best run-stuffing defensive tackle in the NFL?

Okoye could caddy for Pat Williams for a year or two (and, frankly, Big Pat can hang it up whenever Big Pat damn well feels like hanging it up), and then team up with Kevin Williams to terrorize interior linemen into the next decade. Plus, he could potentially relieve Big Pat in obvious pass-rushing situations, which would be another plus.

-I keep hearing the rumors of Dwayne Jarrett dropping to Round 2. If he does, the Vikings had damn sure better get him when it gets to their pick. All the guy did in college was produce (hell, just ask the University of Michigan if Dwayne Jarrett is "too slow"), and he'd be an excellent get at the top of the second round. I have a hard time believing he'll actually drop that far, but stranger things have happened.

-Greg Olsen made himself a lot of money on Saturday. I originally had him going to New Orleans at #27. Now I've got him going to Jacksonville at #17, and even that might be too low.

-Drew Stanton appears to have won the race to be the third QB in this year's draft. He looked impressive in Indy from what I saw of him.

That's all for now, folks. . .discuss away!