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A New Option at WR?

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The Houston Texans yesterday released WR Eric Moulds.  Moulds was a highly ballyhooed free agent signing this past off-season for the Texans.

Moulds was relatively inconsistent this season, but part of that might have been because of Houston's pass offense.  How bad was Houston's pass offense?  It was worse than Minnesota's pass offense.  Yeah, that's pretty bad.

In 2006, Moulds had 57 catches for 557 yards and 1 TD.  Those numbers equal the number of catches for the Vikings' best WR this season, and would have put Moulds second in yards on the team.

This upcoming season will be Moulds' 13th in the NFL, and for the most part he's been fairly productive.  Over his career, he's caught 732 passes for 9,653 yards and 49 TD.

Moulds will have to clear waivers before becoming a free agent, but that's where the Vikings should have an advantage.  The waiver priority order is much the same as the draft order. . .teams with worse records are closer to the top of the food chain.  With Moulds' base salary for the next few years being $2 million (2007), $3 million (2008), and $3 million (2009), I don't think it would hurt the Vikings one bit to bring the guy in.  He'd immediately be the best WR on the roster, and he'd be here for a decent price.

Thoughts, folks?