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SBN Hits the Airwaves

Tonight, at 8 PM Eastern, SBN will present their first ever PodCast, courtesy of BlogTalkRadio.  (Ignore the time it has on the site. . .I don't think they've adjusted for the time change yet.)  This is the first of what should be many, many podcasts for SBN, and we're all very excited about this recent development.

The show will be hosted by TheSportsGuru, who's in charge of the Mile High Report and BigBlueShoe, the man who runs Stampede Blue.  The broadcast is scheduled to run for one hour.  The inaugural broadcast, and most of the early shows, will touch on a little bit of every sport. . .some baseball, some football, some college talk, even some MMA and boxing.  Eventually, we hope to have things evolve to the point where each sport will have its own PodCast.

If you'd like to be part of the program, there are a couple ways that you can participate.  First, there's a call-in number. . .that being (646) 652-2664.  (Note:  That is NOT a toll-free number!)  The other way to contact the PodCast is to fire off an instant message via AOL Instant Messenger.  Simply add the name SBNSportsReport to your buddy list, and you'll be all set.

When the time comes that yours truly is part of the PodCast. . .and it will happen. . .oh, yes, it will happen. . .I'll be sure to give everyone a heads-up here on the site.  I won't be on tonight's show, but I'll certainly be listening, and I hope that you are as well.