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The Other Guys Are Doing What?

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Interesting line from Sean Jensen's latest article about the Vikings' free agent moves.

On Wednesday morning, two executives for an NFL team called a Pioneer Press reporter to mock the Vikings for signing free-agent wide receiver Bobby Wade the previous night for five years and $15 million.

"I can't believe they paid him that much," one of the executives said.

Such comments reverberate around the Vikings these days, both publicly by their fans and privately by several team executives and agents speaking anonymously to the Pioneer Press.

Now, I'm curious about a couple of things.  First off. . .Sean Jensen has executives from other teams calling him up to mock the Vikings?  Seriously?  That's sort of. . .what's the word I'm looking for her. . .oh, yes, pathetic.  Don't these people have jobs?

Second. . .did these guys manage to recommend a receiver that the Vikings should have signed instead of a Bobby Wade?  Or are they too busy calling up beat writers for opposing teams to make wisecracks to notice that there's really nothing out there?

To wit. . .the top two remaining free agent wide receivers at the time that Sean Jensen wrote this article were Donte' Stallworth and Kevin Curtis.  Combined in 2006, they caught 78 passes for 1204 yards and 9 TDs.

By comparison, two receivers in the NFC North each surpassed, or nearly surpassed, those numbers by themselves in 2006.  Detroit's Roy Williams had more catches (82), more yards (1310), and nearly as many touchdowns (7).  Donald Driver in Green Bay also had more catches (92), more yards (1295), and nearly as many touchdowns (8).

And this is the best of what's out there? Sadly, yes. . .yes, it is.

Today, the New England Patriots signed Stallworth to a 6-year, $30 million deal.  That's a $30 million contract for a tin man receiver with two bad hamstrings that's a card-carrying member of the NFL's substance abuse program.  If the Wade contract had executives laughing, then Stallworth's deal must be the funniest thing since Spaceballs came out on DVD.

And Kevin Curtis is, apparently, looking for a similar deal.  Honestly, Mel Brooks himself would have trouble coming up with something this humorous.

So yeah. . .perhaps other teams should focus a bit more on what they're doing and a bit less on the Vikings.  The Vikes certainly don't care what anyone thinks about the signings they've made to this point, I'm sure.