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More "Journalistic" Blather

Everyone's favorite Twin Cities' columnist, Bob Sansevere, has provided us yet another burning missive on how the Vikings' off-season has been a complete loss.

Aside from maybe the folks who've been in charge at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, nobody is having a worse March than the Vikings.

Seriously, this guy is such a tool, he should consider changing his first name to Stanley.

In case you're scoring at home, over the course of the past week, Mr. Sansevere has given us three columns worth of out-and-out bitching, whining, and moaning. . .and zero solutions.  Maybe he's bitter about getting beaten out by Charley Walters for MN Sports Journalist of the Year.  There's got to be some logical reason for his recent spaz out.

Still waiting for some indicator of all these free agents the Vikings should have jumped on to turn their team around.  Still not really expecting to see it from Sansevere or anyone else.