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The Eyes Have It

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Sean Jensen gives us a reason to be excited about Troy Williamson.

After undergoing a battery of vision testing at Nike headquarters last week, Vikings receiver Troy Williamson learned about some non-surgical procedures that could improve his ability to see and catch the ball.


Among the things Nike tested: Williamson's hand-eye coordination, whether one eye was stronger than the other, how well he saw things in different lighting, and how he tracked balls coming at him from a variety of angles.

"Troy said it was very helpful, and he was really excited," Canter said. "But he was surprised, at the same time."

Well. . .maybe Troy's hands really aren't the problem after all.

I really hope that this works out for #82.  He's played two years, and he's been consistently compared (quite unfairly) to Randy Moss the entire time.  It's a natural comparison, as Williamson was essentially traded for Randy Moss. . .at least, with Napoleon Harris leaving for Kansas City, Williamson is the only remaining component from the 2005 trade the Vikings have left.  As "natural" as the comparison might be, however, having to constantly be compared to the guy that had the greatest rookie season for a WR in NFL history has to put a ton of pressure on him.

We know that he has all the speed in the world, and he's shown plenty of flashes in the couple of seasons he's been in Minnesota.  If he can overcome this and become the receiver he has the POTENTIAL to be, then the Vikings' offense stands to improve markedly next season.  I'm excited to see Williamson and Tarvaris Jackson get a whole season together next year to grow and put things together.