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Curtis Chooses NOT to Come to Minnesota

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Well, after visiting roughly half the teams in the National Football League since free agency kicked off two weeks ago. . .the hell?  Has it seriously only been two weeks?  Good lord. . .this could turn out to be the slowest damn off-season ever.  And we're STILL six weeks away from the draft on top of that!  What are we even do. . .

Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah. . .

After visiting roughly half the teams in the National Football League since free agency kicked off two weeks ago, former St. Louis Rams' wide receiver Kevin Curtis has finally made his decision.  That decision involves NOT coming to Minnesota, as Curtis decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The deal is a 6-year, $32.5 million pact that includes $9 million in guaranteed money.

I'm pretty sure that sound you heard in the distance was Bob Sansevere's head exploding.

And yes, you read that correctly. . .a $32.5 million contract for a guy that caught 40 passes last year.  $9 million in guaranteed money for a guy that didn't have 500 receiving yards last year.

With all due respect to the folks over at BGN. . .I'm not terribly broken hearted over the Vikes not wanting to pay Kevin Curtis that kind of money.  Hell, this team's getting ridiculed for signing a guy that put up nearly identical numbers to Curtis last season (in a MUCH less proficient passing offense, no less) to a contract worth half as much. . .I can't imagine the barbecue that would be taking place had Curtis signed with the Purple.  In my opinion, if you give an average player a big contract, all you're going to be left with eventually is an overpaid average (or possibly below average) player.

This just means that the draft will play an even bigger role for the Vikings.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Vikes draft three wide receivers. . .possibly more.  After they take a DE in the first round (either Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson), I think they're going to focus almost exclusively on offense, which is exactly what they should do.  Lots of WRs, a TE, an OL or two. . .sounds like a plan to me, folks.

Other than that, the Vikings' front continues to be a quiet one.  As I've said before. . .given this team's past off-seasons, this is a good thing.