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Upcoming SBNation Mock Draft

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In about a week or so here, those of us that run SBNation's fine network of NFL blogs, along with some folks from various locales around the blogosphere, will be conducting our own mock draft.  Saint over at Silver and Black Pride will be making the first pick, followed by Sean at Pride of Detroit, and so on down the line.  We're endeavoring to do three rounds before the actual NFL Draft gets underway.

For the last few weeks, I've had a poll up here asking you folks what you think the Vikings should do with the #7 overall pick in the draft.  The winning choice was what I thought it would probably be, but after that was a bit of a surprise, IMO.

Trade Down - 24% (63 votes out of 254)
Wide Receiver - 20% (52 votes)
Quarterback - 19% (50 votes)
Trade Up - 18% (47 votes)
Defensive Line - 10% (28 votes)
Safety - 3% (10 votes)
Cornerback - 1% (5 votes)

TE and OT each received one vote.  OG received zero votes.

I'm actually a bit surprised that "quarterback" is as high as it is. . .also surprised that so many think we should trade up.  As much as I love me some Calvin Johnson, I don't want to pull a Ricky Williams deal for the rights to get him, to be honest.  If it was a reasonable deal, then sure, go for it. . .but I don't know if we could get a reasonable deal to move into position to get him.  We'd have to move up to at least #3, and if you've seen my latest mock draft (see below), we'd have to move all the way up to #1.  Don't see it happening.

So now, in anticipation of the upcoming SBNation Mock Draft, I want to get the readers involved again.  As the consensus to this point was to trade down, that's what I will effort to do.  In the event that I can not do that, however, I'm polling to see who you, the readers, think the Vikings should draft at #7.

I'm making the assumption that three particular players will not be available when we draft at #7. . .those players being WR Calvin Johnson, QB JaMarcus Russell, and OT Joe Thomas.  Those are the three guys that are locks to go before the Vikings' pick, in my opinion.

So, I think I've presented most of the realistic options in the poll over there.  There are 8 different players to choose from, as well as an option that's basically for "any ol' wide receiver," and an "other" option. . .and should you choose one of those last two options, PLEASE leave comments as to who you think the Vikings should select and why they should select them.  Hell, leave comments regardless of who you pick.  That's what we're here for!

When the time comes, I will select for the Vikings whoever has the highest % of the remaining players available.  If the majority of DN readers select Adrian Peterson, but he's not there when it comes time to make the pick, then obviously I can't take him. . .so I'd move down to the next guy on the list, and so on.

Have at it, folks!

[editor's note, by Gonzo]

Actually, I've found out that you can't do comments on polls. So, let's just make this post the spot for comments about the draft pick.