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You know, no matter how many times you see the ski jump guy bite it, you still wince.

But yes. . .as there is, once again, nothing of real note going on in Viking land, let's take a look around SBNation at what the other NFL blogs are talking about.

Staying in the division to start with, the Bears have traded for elite safety Adam Archuleta.  And by "elite safety," what I really me is "a guy that I'm pretty sure couldn't cover ME, let alone NFL-caliber wide receivers."  I'm not exactly sure how this helps them. . .the guy spent most of last year riding the bench for a Washington defense that was pretty bad.  But, I'm sure this will be heralded as a brilliant signing, despite the fact that it's really not.

A former Buccaneer is auctioning his Super Bowl ring off on EBay.  Sad to see things like that, really.

Mock drafts have gone up at the SBNation sites for the Eagles (who have us drafting Jamaal Anderson), the Jaguars (Gaines Adams), the Niners (Jamaal Anderson), and the Lions (Brady Quinn).  Certainly more will be going up here in the relatively near future, as well as the SBNation Mock draft that's set to kick off next week.

subtly points to the poll on the right side that you should probably cast a vote for in conjunction with that

In Seattle, it appears as though the police blotter is filling up.

And those are some of the highlights, folks.  All the SBNation NFL sites are over in the right-hand sidebar there, so be sure to check them out as you're surfing the 'net today.