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Shopping for a Used Car(r)?

Yes, this unofficially makes me the 35,916th person on the planet to make the "used Carr" joke in regards to the former quarterback of the Houston Texans.  Hey, it's hard enough being witty and charming all the time. . .I can't always be original, too.  I mean, I'm not Carlos Mencia or anything, but I do borrow some material from time to time.

(Oh, and if you're scoring at home. . .Carlos Mencia?  Not funny.  Not close to funny.  Not even with other people's material.)

I mentioned yesterday that the Vikings should be looking into trading for David Carr.  Well, trading for David Carr is no longer an option. . .because the Texans flat-out released Carr this afternoon.

Carr has been the only starting QB in the history of the Texans.  He hasn't started every single game, mind you, but he has been their primary quarterback since the Texans took him with the #1 overall pick in the 2002 Draft.  For his career, he's got a 60% career completion rate and has thrown for 13,391 yards.  He has 59 TD passes and 63 interceptions.

Now, I'll preface this by saying that I'm still a huge fan of Tarvaris Jackson.  I think #7 has all the potential in the world, and will be a fine starting quarterback for the Vikings one day. . .possibly as soon as this season.  That being said, I don't think it would hurt this team one bit to bring David Carr in here as at least the primary backup and let him and T-Jack compete in camp for the chance to start.  Carr's not old by any means. . .he turns 28 this July.  He wouldn't be expensive after getting dumped by the Texans the way he was, and still has decent potential.  From what I've seen of him, he's always performed decently when given time.  In Minnesota, he'd have a pretty good O-line and a solid running game led by Chester Taylor and Mewelde Moore (and possibly Adrian Peterson) backing him up.

I think that given our quarterback situation. . .for Christ's sake, Drew Henson is our #3 QB right now. . .Carr would be a decent pick-up for the Vikings.  Lord knows we have the cap space to get him in here.  I hope that Zygi and company make it happen.