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Some NFL News

The NFL announced a few of the games on the 2007 NFL Schedule.  I'd go further into detail about it. . .but since I don't see the word Minnesota attached to any of said games. . .well, really, who the hell cares?

The full schedule will be revealed sometime in April .  Presumably, it will be on ESPN and/or the NFL Network.

Speaking of ESPN, they've mercifully kicked Joe Theisman out of the MNF announcing booth and replaced him with the awesome Ron Jaworski.  Hopefully now we can get some actual football analysis up in the booth rather than the constant fellating of guys *cough*BrettFavre*cough* that Joe Theismann *cough*MichaelVick*cough* had completely nauseating *cough*BrianUrlacher*cough* man crushes on. *cough*BillBelichick*cough*

After my story the other day, Adrian Peterson has pulled into the spot behind Brady Quinn in our draft pick race. Do I really have that kind of sway here? (-:

Oh, and yesterday DID turn out to be the biggest day in Daily Norseman history, as we registered just short of 1,000 hits (975, to be exact). The day's total was so big that it took our "daily average" from just over 300 hits per day to just over 400 hits per day.

Keep spreading the word and telling your friends, folks!