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ESPN Spews More Meaningless Crap

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The folks at ESPN have put out their new "Ultimate Franchise Rankings," and, as always, they're a big steaming load of horse dung.  According to the rankings, there are only three franchises in sports that are worse than the Minnesota Vikings.

I certainly hope that's the dumbest thing I hear today.  Let's take a little closer look at this list, shall we?

To see exactly what a load of crap this list is, you don't have to do any more than look at the top.  The #1 rated team on the list is the NHL's Buffalo Sabres.  The same Buffalo Sabres that aren't even five years removed from filing for bankruptcy protection.  Yes. . .because damn near going broke and being unable to do little things like PAY YOUR FREAKING PLAYERS is the sure-fire sign of a great franchise.  Maybe the Vikings should file for bankruptcy. . .then they could move up the list 30 or 40 places, and maybe even get a new stadium out of the deal, too.

Just more garbage and bluster from a place that's becoming more and more irrelevant in the sports world with every passing day.  I can count all the things on their television network worth watching on one hand:

-Monday Night Football
-World Series of Poker
-Around the Horn
-Pardon the Interruption

(Kornheiser) THAT'S IT. . .THAT'S THE LIST! (/Kornheiser)

Sportscenter has become a complete joke. . .nothing more than a bunch of people who are under the impression that they're bigger than the sports they talk about. . .yes, Stuart Scott, I'm looking directly at you. . .I don't care that much about the NBA, they let the NHL go after the strike. . .pathetic.  This is the authority?  Yeah, sure they are.  They obviously used the same logic that the folks at Forbes Magazine used in declaring Kevin McHale the #1 General Manager in professional sports.

Well, if anyone from ESPN happens to read this, allow me to be so kind as to say that you can take your little rankings and jam them up your ass.  In my personal rankings, the Minnesota Vikings are #1. . .and my rankings have every bit as much relevance as yours do.  I'd turn down lifetime season tickets for a "cathedral" like Lambeau Field in favor of one game at the "horrible" Metrodome.  I'd rather cheer for my team year after year than join all the folks that jump on whatever flavor of the week bandwagon is out there year after year.  When the Vikings make it to the top of the mountain and are playing in a gorgeous new stadium in Minneapolis (and, on both of those subjects, it's not a matter of "if". . .it's a matter of "when"), feel free to not come suck up to us like you suck up to whatever new fad comes along.

ESPN sucks.  The end.