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Blah blahblahblah something something Macarena
La de dee la de da something something something buena
Blah blahblahblah something something Macarena

-Los Del Rio, "Macarena"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 2007 SportsBlogs Nation Mock Draft is officially underway!

The draft will be officially "hosted" by the fine folks over at Field Gulls.  Reason being that a) Field Gulls is a great site, and b) the Seahawks are the only team in the league without a first-round selection. . .hence Shrug would be better able to handle things of that nature on his end.

Basically what's going to happen is that all of the bloggers here at SBN, as well as a few from outside the SBN family (for teams that don't have blogs here on SBN yet) will take turns making the selections for their respective teams.  Teams will be allowed to trade up, trade down, do whatever they want in an effort to improve their teams.

The Raiders have already made the first overall selection, tabbing JaMarcus Russell out of LSU to be their guy.  That means one of our division rivals, the Lions are officially on the clock with the #2 overall pick.  As you all are already aware, we currently sit in the #7 position.

Looking at our poll for who we should select when #7 comes around (if I'm unable to trade down for more picks, of course), Brady Quinn holds a slim 1 vote lead over Adrian Peterson.  Out of 182 votes cast, Quinn has 43 to Peterson's 42.  LaRon Landry currently sits in third place with 34 votes, and Gaines Adams is in 4th place with 28.  Nobody else in our poll has even reached double digits in votes yet. . .and out of 182 possible voters, exactly zero have voted for Michigan NT Alan Branch.  Guess that pro day hurt him a little bit in your eyes, eh?

So, yes. . .be sure to keep checking out Field Gulls to keep track of the progress we're making.  We're hoping to complete 3 rounds before the real draft happens, which is about 29 days from right now.

Update [2007-3-29 19:7:55 by Gonzo]:

No more than 5 minutes after I posted this, Quinn and Peterson are now, officially, in a dead heat.

Keep it up with the voting, folks!