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Vikings Ink Two Free Agents

So much for "not doing a lot while Brad Childress was out of town."  We'll ignore the fact that Notre Dame's Pro Day is actually tomorrow in a futile attempt to make me look like less of a dork.

(Pro Day at Notre Dame on a Sunday?  Touchdown Jeebus can't be too big a fan of that, I wouldn't think.)

The Vikings made their first two signings of the 2007 free agent season this afternoon, signing TE Visanthe Shiancoe, late of the New York Football Giants, and LB/special teamer Vinny Ciurciu, formerly of the Carolina Panthers.

Who?  And. . .who?  Both good questions.  I'll get us some info on both of these players.

Shiancoe's deal is a 5-year pact worth $18.2 million, $7 million of which is guaranteed.  Doesn't sound like anything too outrageous. . .particularly in light of some of the contracts that we saw yesterday.

No word on the terms of Ciurciu's deal.

Kevin Curtis has indeed travelled to Detroit to meet with the Lions.  Curtis' former head coach, "Crazy" Mike Martz, is the current Lions' offensive coordinator, so they're thought to have the inside track on signing him.  Curtis is being replaced in St. Louis by former Tennessee wide receiver Drew Bennett, which means Bennett is no longer an option in Minnesota.