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Actual, Honest-to-God Viking News

Yes, really, I'm as amazed as you are. . .but there have been some stories in the past few days that actually relate to Minnesota Vikings football.  The two main ones both have something to do with everybody's favorite #1 run-stopping defensive tackle in the NFL, Pat Williams.

First off, Phat Pat's contract expires after this year, and he wants to remain a Viking until he retires.  Hey, sounds pretty damn good to me.  The first two years of the Williams boys wreaking havoc have been pretty good, they'll continue to be awesome this year (why wouldn't they be, considering that they're the best pair of defensive tackles in the NFL), and I think Pat Williams could continue annihilating running backs at a high level for at least a few more years.  #94 is one of my favorite Vikings, and if the guy wants to continue playing for the Purple and Gold. . .well, all I can say is "FOUR MORE YEARS!!  FOUR MORE YEARS!!"

The Vikings have the two best defensive tackles in the division, the conference, and the entire league. . .here's to keeping it that way for the foreseeable future. Lord knows we have the money to make it happen.

Big Pat has also, apparently, been trying to recruit a friend of his over to Minnesota.  His name?  Eric Moulds, who was Williams' teammate in Buffalo.  I wouldn't mind seeing Moulds in here. . .he's not a #1 guy any more by any stretch (although, right now, he'd be Minnesota's #1 guy, which is sad), but he's a steady veteran presence that I think would be an asset to the team.  Our WR corps is going to be extremely young, and they could use a true pro like Moulds to point them in the right direction.

In other news, E.J. Henderson will get the first shot at the middle linebacker position that was vacated when the Vikings failed to re-sign Napoleon Harris.  Obviously, Henderson didn't work out exceedingly well at MLB when we tried this experiment in 2005, but he's also clearly a much better player now than he was in '05, too.  I think Henderson can get the job done in the middle, to be quite honest. . .he was an incredible MLB during his time at the University of Maryland, and now that he's more mature and infinitely better coached than he was when he first got to Minnesota, I think he'll be a fine middle linebacker.

So there you go. . .some news about the Minnesota Vikings that doesn't include one of their beat writers jumping up and down and crying about how much the team sucks.  I'm as amazed as you are.