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SBN Mock Draft Continues

We've gone through four picks in the 2007 SportsBlogs Nation Mock NFL Draft. . .this means that, hopefully, Minnesota's pick will come sometime either late this morning or early this afternoon.  In any event, as soon as it comes time to make the pick, it will get posted up here.

I've put some feelers out about trading down a few spots. . .haven't heard anything back yet, but hopefully something will develop soon.

The first four picks have gone as follows:

Oakland started off the festivities by taking JaMarcus Russell from LSU.  Detroit was scheduled to pick at #2, but traded down instead, sending the #2 pick to Tampa Bay.  The Bucs then proceeded to select Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech.  Cleveland continued the party by selecting Joe Thomas out of Wisconsin, and the Lions used their newly acquired pick at #4 to select Gaines Adams from Clemson.

So that's where we stand now.  The Arizona Cardinals are currently on the clock.  Their pick will be made by one of our guests from outside of SBNation, as we don't have a Cardinals' blog here yet.

There you have it. . .our pick (or a trade down) should be coming up here soon.  Woo-hoo!

Update [2007-3-31 18:5:0 by Gonzo]:

The Vikings' pick approaches, as the Cardinals used the #5 pick to select Levi Brown out of Penn State. The Redskins are now on the clock, and have said they'll likely be taking Jamaal Anderson if they're unable to trade down.

So, if any of you were waiting until the last minute to vote in the poll over there on the right. . .well, this here is pretty much the last minute. Hop to it!