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NFC North Running Back Exodus

Again, nothing on the Vikings' front today as far as free agency signings, but a couple of moves were made that will affect the Vikings indirectly.  Two NFC North teams have lost the guys that carried the mail for them last year at RB.

The Bears were so kind as to trade away the one viable offensive weapon on their roster, as they sent RB Thomas Jones to the New York Jets for the right to exchange second-round picks.  The Bears got the 37th overall pick from New York (a pick the Jets got in a deal with the Redskins), and the Jets receive the 63rd overall pick.  So, I guess the Williams boys will be pounding the will to live out of Cedric Benson next year instead of Jones. . .if Benson doesn't strain his uterus or something.

The Packers, on the other hand, got no compensation for losing their starting RB, Ahman Green.  Green signed a multi-year deal with the Houston Texans.  This pretty much ensures, IMO, that the Pack will take Marshawn Lynch in the upcoming draft if he's available when the Packers make their selection.

But, as has been established already, nobody runs the ball against Minnesota anyway.  Now it'll just be a couple of different nobodies not getting the job done for our division rivals in 2007.  Heck, throw in the fact that Kevin Jones is rumored to be out of the Lions' lineup until mid-season, and that's three new running backs that will get the privilege of being humiliated by the Vikings' rush defense.

And, once again, you readers continue to amaze by bringing the traffic to the Daily Norseman!  With an hour and 20 minutes left in the day, DN has already had their first 500 hit day (507 and counting, to be exact) and now sits at exactly 18,000 hits overall. . .awesome!  The site turns 8 months old on Saturday, and it's already been more successful than I could have realistically hoped. . .and it's only going to continue to get better.

Have a good night, folks.  Hopefully the Vikings will do something noteworthy here soon!  (Something positive, I mean. . .we've had enough "noteworthy" off-seasons, thank you.)