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Breaking News - Free Agent WR Class Horrible

Not that this is news or anything, but let's review a bit here.

We're nearly a week into free agency, and a whopping total of three wide receivers have signed with new teams.

-Drew Bennett to St. Louis
-Ashley Lelie to San Francisco
-Dennis Northcutt to Jacksonville

So, let's have a look at what's left, shall we?

-Former St. Louis receiver Kevin Curtis is, according to the NFL Network, looking for $30 million over 6 years with nearly $10 million guaranteed.  Last year, Curtis had 40 catches, 479 yards, and 4 TDs.

In a related story, Kevin Curtis is out of his mind.

-Donte Stallworth, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles has bad hamstrings, a bit of an attitude, and a membership card for the NFL's Substance Abuse Program.  After dealing with Koren Robinson last year, does this sound feasible to you?

-Today, former Bear and Titan Bobby Wade was at Winter Park for a visit, but left without a contract.  Heartbreaking, I know.

-The guys that are probably the two best options, former Saint Joe Horn and former Texan Eric Moulds, are 35 and 34 years old, respectively.  Keenan McCardell is available, too.  He's also old.

-Former Niners receiver Antonio Bryant. . .well, he's a bit of a nutjob.  A talented nutjob, but a nutjob none the less.

-Former Colt Brandon Stokley is recovering from Achilles tendon surgery.

-Travis Taylor is. . .well, we tried that once, didn't we?

And, really, it only gets worse from here.  As expected, any help this team's going to get at the WR spot is going to come in the form of draft picks.  I'd certainly have no problem with the Vikings taking two, or even three, receivers in this draft.

Maybe between a bunch of rookies, Williamson, McMullen, Martin Nance (who I still like a lot), Jason Carter, and some 1 June cuts. . .our WR corps could claw themselves all the way up to being "below average."  Believe me. . .after what we put up with at the position last year, "below average" would STILL be a huge step forward.