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Twin Cities Media Overreacts

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Or, at least, Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press is overreacting.  He seems a bit dismayed by the lack of free agent signings by the Purple.

Me? I'd hold off getting too jacked up until the Vikings sign somebody who might help them win more than six games.

The way the Vikings have started the free-agency signing period -- with a whimper, not a bang -- you'd think Red McCombs still owned the team.

If you look at the "article" (if it qualifies as that. . .it looks more like something you'd read on a message board), you'll notice that Sansevere takes the long-used tact of bitching without offering a solution.

Seriously. . .who does he want this team to sign at DE?
Who does he want this team to sign at WR?
Who does he want this team to sign at QB?

There is nobody, people.  The only free agent that might be worth what he's gotten in free agency that would have helped this team was Adalius Thomas. . .and he wasn't coming here.

Yeah, the Vikings have a bunch of money to spend in free agency. . .it just so happens that this is the weakest free agent class of the last 5 years, and maybe the weakest class since the free agency came to the NFL.  If the Vikings were spending madly just for the sake of spending, people would be complaining about that, too.

In the immortal words of American film icon Kevin Bacon. . .

Remain calm!  All is well!