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Brad Johnson Says Dumb Things

Taken from the blog of Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

On his final season with the Vikings, he said: "Obviously, last year wasn't what I would have wanted it to have been, but you know I was 13-10 with a team that was 2-7 without me as a starter the last two years."

Classy, Brad.  Very classy.

See, here's the breakdown of that "13-10" that Brad's so proud of.

He went 7-2 in 2005 when the Vikings' defense picked him up and carried him (and the rest of the Minnesota offense) on their backs.  Not to mention the schedule that he got to play against was so, so weak.

One of those wins came against the Bears' JV team.

Another of those wins only required the Vikings to make NFL history by returning a punt, kickoff, and interception for a TD in the same game.

In 2006. . .when Brad was expected to actually, you know, DO something. . .the team went 6-8.  Johnson single-handedly lost this team games in 2006.

-The Chicago game that the Vikings managed to lose despite holding the Bears to 110 total yards of offense and helping Rex Grossman register a QB rating of 1.3.

-The Miami game, with the INT he threw right to Jason Taylor.

-Leading the team through a stretch where they went nearly 10 quarters without an offensive TD.

Yeah. . .so Brad really has no room to take shots at the Vikings.  None at all.

In short, Brad Johnson can feel free to kiss the fleshiest part of my butt.  The guy had little to nothing to do with the Vikings' limited success of '05, and bears the most responsibility for the Vikings' failures of '06.