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Douchebaggery, Thy Name is Cowherd

I know I'm a little late to the party on this issue, but because it involves one of my least favorite people anywhere, I feel compelled to say something about it anyway.

For the three of you that missed this story, last Thursday, ESPN Radio's resident jackass morning radio host Colin Cowherd came up with a brilliant idiotic idea.  He thought it would be wonderful to find a sports-related website on the internet. . .in this case, his chosen target was a very well-done site called The Big Lead. . .and send such a massive amount of traffic towards it in an attempt to crash the site completely.

Why?  Who the hell knows why.  There was no real discernible reason given, outside of "sports sites on the Internet annoy Mr. Cowherd" or "Colin Cowherd is an idiot of intergalactic proportions."  However, the "attack," such as it was, was successful, and The Big Lead was offline for the better part of 48 hours.

Mr. Cowherd thought that this was a brilliant idea.  Lee Anne Schreiber, the new ESPN Ombudsman, thought differently:

Some of the politer terms my correspondents used to describe Cowherd's behavior were immature, irresponsible, arrogant, malicious, destructive and dumb. I agree.

Thank you, ma'am, for basically saying what I (and so many others) have said about Colin Cowherd for as long as he's been on ESPN Radio.

Make no mistake, the day that the time slot that used to be occupied by the hilarious, the wonderful, and the completely kick ass in every conceivable way Tony Kornheiser was given to a low-rent wannabe like Cowherd should have been declared some sort of a day of mourning.  For someone as brilliant as Mr. Tony to have been replaced by a schmuck like this. . .particularly when ESPN had so much talent RIGHT THERE that they could have plugged into the spot was a dark day for sports talk radio.

(My personal choice to replace TK would have been Todd Wright, who used to do the ESPN Radio overnight show and now works for Sporting News Radio, but that's here nor there at the moment.)

Basically, Colin Cowherd is the Carlos Mencia of sports talk radio. . .complete with the whole stealing "borrowing" of material gimmick.  Mel Brooks himself could be writing material for this guy, and he'd still find a way to suck every last bit of humor and/or insight right out of it.  Part of the reason I got XM Satellite Radio a while back was so that I could avoid the people on sports talk radio that I really can't stand (see also:  Rome, Jim).  Now I have a new name to add to that list in Colin Cowherd.

For me, the show used to have an almost "Rosemary's Baby"-esque sort of appeal. . .I knew I shouldn't listen, but I couldn't tear myself away because I was afraid that I'd miss this guy saying something that was even more monumentally stupid than the monumentally stupid thing he'd just said.  Now. . .even that's gone.  There will be no sports talk radio in my car or in my cubicle between the hours of 9 AM and Noon Central time. . .and I would encourage all of you, wherever you might be, to take the same course.

And that's your public service announcement for today.  Have a good one, folks!