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First off, this blog turned 9 months old yesterday.  It doesn't SEEM like I've been at it for that long, but I have.  Over that time, 284 posts have been made.

Why do I reference this?

Well. . .about 3 months ago, just after the regular season ended and just short of this blog turning 6 months old, I posted this story about DN getting its 10,000th hit.  Now, 3 months later, DN is sitting NOT at 20,000 hits. . .but rather at 30,000.  30,489 to be exact (as of this very moment in time).

For a team that's not particularly interesting, wasn't particularly good in 2006, and doesn't project to be particularly good in 2007 (though stranger things have happened), that's a pretty remarkable showing in 9 months of work.  And, as I've done in the past, I want to thank everyone that links to this site, everyone that's ever mentioned this site to a friend or co-worker or whatever, and everyone that's ever surfed to our little corner of the Interweb.

Here's to many, many more months of Vikings coverage here at the Daily Norseman. . .the unofficial home of the team with the greatest damn fans in the National Football League.