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Getting to Know You Open Thread

There's a pretty good chance that you won't see any new posts here from me for a day or two.

Mrs. Gonzo is going in today to have some surgery done, so I won't have a whole lot of computer access.  If something major happens. . .you know, like someone getting arrested for not wearing a tie or something (hey, it's no dumber than the pants thing). . .I might try to bang something out after the hospital kicks me out when visiting hours are done.  But I should be back in by Thursday, I would think, barring anything unforeseen.

So. . .in an attempt to get more of a "community" built around here, we'll use this as a sort of "getting to know you" sort of thing.  Should foster a bit of discussion.  It'll be sort of like one of those e-mails you get from your friends where you list your favorites different things and what not.

Anyway, here's the list. . .have fun, folks!


Favorite Current Viking:

Favorite All-Time Viking:

Favorite Non-Viking player:

Non-Viking player you dislike the most:

Greatest Viking Memory:

Worst Viking Memory:

How did you become a Vikings fan?

The one thing that could get me to cheer for the Bears or Packers would be:

There you go. . .have at it, folks!  I'll start things off in the comment section here.