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And We Are Back

Alrighty, then. . .after a couple of days out of the captain's chair, I am back and ready to roll again.  There's a couple of Vikings-related items that need to be addressed this morning.

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Cedric Griffin was being arrested for wearing his pants too low.  Well, according to Pro Football Talk, apparently Griffin might have been the victim of some overzealous law enforcement types.



Griffin was at the Spin nightclub in Minneapolis following a meeting with his banker, and was invited by the manager to stay in a VIP room.  When Griffin went to the men's room, a bouncer asked him to pull up his pants, which supposedly were riding too low.

Griffin objected, and before he knew it he was being thrown out.  There was, we're told, no fight.  

Once on the outside, he tried to explain the situation to a police officer.  The officer told him to move on.  (Or move out.)  The officer eventually concluded that Griffin was too aggressive and/or animated, and so the cop broke out the mace.

We're told that, after Griffin was arrested, he promptly called coach Brad Childress.

So, that's pretty much going to be the end of that, I think.  However, I must say that I want to find me one of these banks that will have the manager come out and talk to you at 5 AM, which is allegedly when the incident took place.  I sure as heck don't have that at my bank.  Hell, I'm lucky if anyone's there to talk to me at noon.

If the Griffin incident made you wonder what the hell is going on up in Minnesota. . .well, Sean Jensen has something on the Star-Tribune's Vikings blog that. . .yeah, just read it for yourself:

The Vikings search for wide receivers continued today as they signed Todd Lowber, a former college basketball player and high-jump champion, to a three-year contract. The 6-3, 205-pound Lowber might have great athletic ability but considering he didn't play football in high school or college, he is going to be a major project.

My reaction to this?  I believe that the late 20th Century philosopher Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon put it best when he said, "Ooooooooooooooooooooo-kay."  Don't get me wrong. . .the Vikings signed the guy, and I hope that he can turn out to be a contributor, but I'm not exactly holding my breath or anything.

Today is also the day that the Vikings will be revealing their plans for revitalizing the area around the Metrodome in anticipation of the new stadium that the Vikes will be getting in the future.  Hopefully, this will be complete with cool pictures of the proposed new stadium.  If we manage to find anything cool, we'll definitely have them up here at DN.

That's all for now, folks. . .hopefully we'll have more later on today!