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It Keeps Going. . .and Going. . .and Going. . .

From the looks of this, it looks as though the Vikings might be trying to make up for lost time on the ol' police blotter.

I guess getting toasted on a regular basis ON the field just isn't enough for Mr. Whitaker.  Hell, he probably would have been considered the worst DB in the NFC North last year if Marquand Manuel wasn't collecting a paycheck.

On the bright side, due largely to the fact that Ronyell Whitaker sucks, he probably won't be on the team next season, so the Vikings can rid themselves of this problem fairly easily.

And, on a personal note, I'm sorry that I EVER mentioned us having a nice, quiet off-season.  I mean, this could be worse. . .after all, we don't employ any true losers like Tank Johnson or Koren Robinson. . .but still, after a few relatively peaceful months, this is kind of sad to see.