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Whitaker Apparently Arrested for DWV

That being Driving While a Viking.

Vikings Player's Arrest a "Total Mistake"

I'll tell you what. . .the Minneapolis Police Department should probably consider getting their shit together at some point.  I don't know if they're behind on some of their quotas or what the hell the deal is up there, but this is pretty unacceptable.

And this comes from someone whose father was in law enforcement for about 25 years, and has two younger brothers that are both currently in the law enforcement field as well.

Absolutely freaking disgusting.  Maybe if they weren't so damn gung-ho about making the Vikings look bad, they could arrest a few people that actually deserve to be arrested for a change, rather than monitoring every move that every professional athlete in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is making.

Also, I'd like to apologize for being a bit harsh on Mr. Whitaker in my earlier post about the matter. I still don't think he's that great a football player, but apparently he's not a criminal. So he's got that going for him. . .which is nice.