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Vikings' Pre-Season Opponents Announced

The Vikings official website has revealed Minnesota's four opponents for the 2007 pre-season.  The Vikings will go against three teams that were in last year's playoffs, as well as the team that thumped them to end the 2006 regular season.  Also, three of the teams that the Vikings will do battle with this pre-season are teams that they played in the 2006 regular season.

The first exhibition game will be on either 10 August or 11 August, when the St. Louis Rams will enter the Metrodome.  The Vikings' second pre-season tilt will be a nationally televised affair, as the Purple fly out east to take on the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets at the Meadowlands on 17 August.

The third pre-season game will happen on either 24 or 25 August, and this time the Vikings will take a trip to the opposite coast. . .in this case, to Qwest Field and a date with the Seattle Seahawks.  The pre-season finale will happen back at the Metrodome on 30 August as the Vikes will play host to the Dallas Cowboys.

Hooray, Vikings news!