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2007 NFL Draft Open Thread, Mark 3 - The Rest of Day One

Okay. . .I'm not going to be commenting on every pick from here on out, but here's a post for comments about the rest of the draft.

That was the longest first round in NFL history.  Thanks to everyone that came here for some info on it!

Update [2007-4-28 19:20:20 by Gonzo]:

The Vikings have traded down in Round 2 with the Falcons. Particulars when they're given.

Update [2007-4-28 19:20:20 by Gonzo]:

The Vikings traded their second round pick (#41) to the Falcons. In exchange, they receive the Falcons' second round pick (#44), and fourth round pick (#121).

The Falcons used the pick on Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas.

Update [2007-4-28 19:32:15 by Gonzo]:

With the 44th overall pick in the NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings have taken Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina.

I would have been a bit happier with Dwayne Jarrett, but hey. . .Rice doesn't make me sad in any way, shape, or form.

Check out The Ragnarok's write-up of Sidney Rice.

Update [2007-4-28 22:1:30 by Gonzo]:

We've hit the "lightning round." (i.e. The Third Round). Teams only get 5 minutes per pick at this point, so the Vikings' next pick is no more than 15 minutes or so away.

Update [2007-4-28 22:1:30 by Gonzo]:

With the 72nd pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State.

Rounds out a pretty damn fine first day of the draft for the Vikings, in my opinion.