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I Get Mail

Reader "DoubleB88" checks in with this burning missive:

Regarding your thoughts on Brady Quinn......

Boy are you going to look awful stupid (probably not the first time you've felt that way) after he turns into a Pro Bowl player and the Cowboys (who gives two shits about them anyway?) depend on Tony Freakin Romo for their future.

I did like the Vikings draft though.

Yes. . .Brady Quinn is a sure-fire NFL superstar, perhaps as soon as 2007.

In a related story, the Browns have been allowed to replace their 2007 games against New Orleans, San Diego, and Denver with clashes against Stanford, Army, and Gallaudet University.

Really, after the weekend that the Vikings have had, being right or wrong about Brady Quinn is the furthest thing from my mind.

But I'm still happy as hell that we didn't take him.