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Undrafted Free Agents Trickling In

The Vikings announced that they signed 16 "street" free agents after the 2007 draft, but that they wouldn't announce who they were until Thursday.  The Star-Tribune's Vikings blog has done some digging and come up with some of the names already.  Twelve of them, to be exact.  Here's the list we've got so far, with links to their profiles at NFL Draft Countdown for the ones that have them.

S Jeremy Burnett, South Florida
OL Brian Daniels, Colorado
OL Josh Day, Colorado State
CB Sergio Gilliam, Clemson (You know Sergio!?)
MLB George Hall, Purdue
DB Chad Johnson, Northwestern State
OL Chase Johnson, Wyoming
TE Braden Jones, Southern Illinois
C Dan Mozes, West Virginia
P Alex Reyes, Texas Tech
RB Arkee Whitlock, Southern Illinois

And, my personal favorite,

DT Joe Anoa'i, Georgia Tech

Why is the last one my personal favorite?  Well, because if you have the same television viewing habits that I do, you've probably never heard of Joe Anoa'i. . .but you've probably seen a lot of his relatives.  For example:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

"The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga

The late Yokozuna

Sika and Afa, The Wild Samoans
(Joe's father is the one on the left, actually.)

Hey, the guy might make the team, he might not. . .I'll be pulling for him, methinks.