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Awwwwww, Captain Overrated is Angry

Via Pro Football Talk:


It was no secret that Packers quarterback Brett Favre was pushing for the team to add Randy Moss.  We had been hearing it for months.  As of last week, Favre was certain that Moss was heading to Lambeau Field.  ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who likely has Favre's agent Bus Cook on speed dial, has been saying all offseason that Favre has been lobbying for the move.

A source tells us that Favre is not happy with the manner in which the Moss deal went down.  But he's not upset with the team; he's miffed, we're told, that Moss turned his back on the Pack by refusing to re-do his deal for anyone other than the Pats.

Poor wittle Brett.  He thought he was going to have someone to hitch his wagon to in an attempt to be carried to another title.  Hate to break it to you, pal. . .but I'm not sure if Jesus H. Christ himself could carry you to another title.  Healing the sick and raising the dead is one thing. . .this, on the other hand, would be WAY above and beyond the call of duty.

But, as I mentioned before. . .even if he's a former Viking, it sure is nice to see Randy Moss bury his foot into the collective groin of the Green Bay Packers one last time.

Thank you, Randy Moss, for being Randy Moss.  If you weren't. . .well, let's not think about what could have happened.