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SBNation Pairs with Drafttek

I'm sure that, if you're a mock draft junkie like I am, you're familiar with Drafttek.  The folks at Drafttek run computer simulations based on different factors to determine how they think the draft will play out.  Very interesting site, in my opinion.

In their last couple of simulations, however, they've plugged in the picks from the SBNation Mock Draft.  As they do a 7-round mock, here's what they have us going with based on our first-round selection of RB Adrian Peterson.

1 (7) - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
2 (41) - Steve Smith, WR, Southern Cal
3 (72) - Ben Patrick, TE, Delaware
4 (106) - Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford
5 (146) - Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane
6 (182) - DeAndre Jackson, CB, Iowa State
7 (217) - Xavier Jackson, DE, Missouri

Very offense-heavy, which is just what we need.  Patrick might be a bit of a reach where we're at (and Drafttek indicates that), but outside of that, I think I'd be quite happy if the draft played out this way.

Looking at the poll on the right there, it looks like we'll be headed the same direction.  The overwhelming majority, to this point, have said we should go with a WR in Round 2, and I have a feeling that that's exactly what we're going to do.