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Carr Parks in Carolina

The Vikings were rumored to be one of the teams with an interest in former Houston Texans quarterback David Carr.  I say "were rumored" because Carr has signed a two-year deal with the Carolina Panthers to be Jake Delhomme's backup.  And by "Jake Delhomme's backup," what I mean is "he'll probably be starting by Week 7."

Minnesota, for whatever interest was rumored, never contacted Carr (from all accounts) and never had him to Minneapolis for a visit.  The only two stops Carr made were in Seattle and Carolina.

Now, I know I've said on numerous occasions that the Vikings don't NEED a free agent quarterback, and I stand by that assessment.  But to not even talk to David Carr?  That's not right.  With all the gloom and doom articles we've seen coming from the Star-Tribune and the Pioneer Press this off-season so far, at least bringing Carr in for a talk would have done a lot for the fans from a mental standpoint.  Now, people will look at this and see that we didn't so much as bring David Carr in for a visit. . .or even contact his agent, for that matter.

Like I said, this isn't a devestating blow or anything, but it's still a bit distressing.