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Looking Towards Round 2

We're up to the New England Patriots and the 24th pick in the SBNation Mock NFL Draft.  That means it's time to start looking towards the second round of the draft.

After seeing an overwhelming majority (79%) emerge from our last poll, it's pretty clear that we'll be looking to go for a wide receiver in the second round.  So, the new poll has half a dozen WR prospects that should (or could) be available when the 41st pick comes up.  Same rules apply as the last poll. . .we'll go with whoever gets the most votes.  If it turns out that the person with the most votes is NOT available when the selection comes up, I'll move to the person with the second-most votes.  Should a couple of players come up tied, I'll use some extremely scientific method of determining who we're taking.

(Coin flips DO fall under the heading of "extremely scientific," don't they?  No?  Well, who the heck asked you, anyway?)

I think I've found the six best possible choices at the position.  However, if there's someone you'd like to see considered, feel free to leave a comment right under this post here.  And if you're trying to comment and can't, it's probably because you haven't signed up for an account with us.  The registration link is right up in the upper-right corner there, it takes all of about 15 seconds, and I'll never use your e-mail address for anything.  Unless you're here to troll. . .in which case I'll pass it along to someone who may think you have an interest in the Church of Scientology.*

* - Nah, I wouldn't do that.  It would be hilarious, but I wouldn't do that.