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Gonzo to Be On SBNation Sports Report Tomorrow

May your shrill, nasal voice. . .ring throughout our streets and brains.

It's a barrage of stories here at The Daily Norseman!  And this one's actually about football. . .sort of.

Yes, I'll be taking part in the SBNation Sports Report podcast tomorrow evening.  For those of you who are just joining us, the SBNSR is a podcast co-hosted by The Sports Guru from Mile High Report and Big Blue Shoe from Stampede Blue.  The show is really well put together, especially when you take into consideration that it's only been running for about a month now.  The shows are always interesting, and manages to hit on a wide variety of subjects.

The broadcast kicks off at 7 PM Central.  I'll be calling into the show at approximately 7:30.  Among the topics that will be discussed are the NFL Draft, the Vikings in general, possibly some Twins baseball, and whatever else happens to come up in the course of the 10 minutes or so that I'm on.

The link to the show is right up there, folks.  Tune in while you're unwinding from the hectic Easter weekend and check it out!

Update [2007-4-8 11:9:39 by Gonzo]:

Apparently the location of the Podcast has changed. The link above has been changed to reflect the proper location.