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Marshall Wins Pardon

From Fox Sports

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Former Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Jim Marshall's felony drug conviction was scrubbed from his record Monday by the state Board of Pardons with the aid of his former coach.

Marshall, an ironman of pro football for nearly two decades, won a pardon for his 1991 conviction on a cocaine possession charge, a clean bill of health he sought so he can travel the world without restrictions to do work for a nonprofit he co-founded.

Well, good for Jim Marshall.  Frankly, I had forgotten that he had even been convicted of anything like this, but now it's off his record.

Marshall's non-profit charity is called Life's Missing Link, and their mission is "to build a supportive community network that links youth and their families to their inner strength through life skills, education, advocacy, supportive housing, and a dynamic network of social services to transform lives."

Marshall started the charity in 1991, the same year as his conviction came down.  He's been sober ever since then, and the conviction was keeping him from being able to travel to certain countries. . .he was unable to get a visa because of his past record.

Now, if we could just get that whole "Jim Marshall not being in the Hall of Fame even though he clearly deserves to be" thing straightened around. . .