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Football Outsiders Draft Grades

Hey, since there's still not a whole lot to talk about Vikings-wise, let's go back and reflect (again) on the draft that happened 2 weeks ago, shall we?

The good folks at Football Outsiders gave every team in the NFL a composite GPA on their draft based on the grades given by 13 different entities.  Those entities were:

    * Jason Cole (AFC) and Charels Robinson (NFC),Yahoo Sports
    * Tom Curran (AFC) and Greg Rosenthal (NFC), NBC Sports
    * John Czarnecki, Fox Sports
    * ESPN's SportsNation
    * Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News
    * Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN (Insider)
    * Ira Miller, AOL Sports
    * Don Pierson, Chicago Tribune
    * Pete Prisco, CBS Sportsline
    * Steve Silverman, MSNBC
    * War Room Scouts, Sporting News
    * Tom Weir, USA Today
    * Dr. Z, Sports Illustrated

The composite GPAs for the NFC North were as follows:

Minnesota - 3.2 (A high B, almost a B+)
Detroit - 3.1 (in the middle of the B range)
Chicago - 2.6 (High C+, almost a B-)
Green Bay - 2.2 (Almost a C+)

The folks at FO said that Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News was the toughest grader, averaging a C for his grades. . .makes it that much nicer that the Vikings got an A+ on Mr. Gosselin's scale.  Looking at all the FO GPA's, only 5 teams. . .Atlanta (3.4), Carolina (3.3), Cleveland (3.9), Oakland (3.4), and San Francisco (3.5). . .scored more highly than Minnesota.

If you're interested in a full breakdown of the data, including grades for every team and such, the man that put the article together for FO (Jake Schumaker) uploaded all of said data in one convenient spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure.  Notice all the low numbers under the "GB" column.  I guess that's what happens when you've got a moron running your team.